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About AppNano

AppNano develops, manufactures, and supplies various nanostructures including both conventional and specialized SPM probes for most applications. We leverage our extensive experience in nanofabrication technology and research in AFM probes to supply the highest quality probes utilizing the latest technology in the market. Our in-house clean room facility combined with our state-of-the-art characterization tools enables rapid prototyping, adaptability, and versatility in designing and developing new products for our customers.
About AppNanoIn addition to providing you with our standard catalog of products, major research programs are continuously underway both in-house and with external collaborators or customers to develop high performance probes and accessories for advanced SPM applications. Our experienced R&D Team takes pride in using our knowledge in silicon nanofabrication technology to realize these new ideas. Please contact us at  if you would like to discuss the creation of a custom product.

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