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Silicon Probes
Standard silicon probes are available for tapping mode, contact mode, and force modulation mode applications.
Silicon Nitride Probes
Silicon nitride probes have a bare silicon tip. They are ideally suited for imaging biological samples in both air and fluid mediums, and are available with a variety of spring constants.
Colloidal Probes
Colloidal Probes are used to study colloidal interactions between two surfaces and to quantify the interactive properties.
Custom Fabrication
Don’t see your product here? Applied NanoStructures creates many custom products upon request.
AppNano produces thin membranes with a variety of options.
VertiSense(tm) Thermal Imaging
AppNano VertiSense(tm) Thermal Module consists of an innovatively designed thermal probes, electronics hardware and AFM specific probe holder. The patent pending design of the thermal probe allows extraordinary lateral thermal resolution and temperature capabilities.