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ACCESS™-UHF Fast Scanning Probes

AppNano ACCESS™-UHF Fast Scanning probes are sharp silicon probes for fast and high resolution imaging and tapping / non-contact mode applications that allow a direct optical view of the AFM tip. Designed for applications that require seeing the tip as it engages the surface, these probes are nanofabricated using highly doped single crystal silicon with unparalleled reproducibility, robustness and sharpness for consistent high resolution imaging.

Tip Specifications

  • Material: Silicon
  • Shape: Triangular Pyramid
  • Height (µm): 8-12
  • Coating: none
  • ROC (nm): 6

Cantilever Specifications

  • Material: Silicon
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Reflex coating: None
  • Alignment Grooves: YES
  • L x W x T: 3.4 mm x 1.6 mm x 315 um
ParameterNominal ValueMinimum ValueMaximum Value
Spring Constant (N/m)11531391
Frequency (kHz)11006002000
Length (µm)554565
Width (µm)252627
Thickness (µm)

Ordering Information:

Part NumberQuantityPricing Order
ACCESS-UHF-1010 $495
ACCESS-UHF-2020 $950
ACCESS-UHF-5050 $2100
ACCESS-UHF-200200 $7100
ACCESS-UHF-W410-424 $11700

For further information or to place an order, please contact your local distributor or contact Applied NanoStructures directly.