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Introduces a Major Breakthrough in Scanning Thermal Microscope Technology

(VertiSense Thermal)

Learn more about the VertiSense Thermal technology

Learn more about the VertiSense Thermal Probe Specification

Learn more about the VertiSense Thermal Imaging Amplifier

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AppNano Probes Catalog

In addition to providing you with our standard catalogue of products, Applied NanoStructures enjoys working with customers to develop new probes or devices for advanced applications. Please contact us at info@appnano.com if you would like further information on our probes or to discuss the creation of a custom product.

Note: While our website is being serviced, online purchasing is temporarily unavailable. For further information or to place an order, please contact your local distributor or contact Applied NanoStructures directly.

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VertiSense(tm) Thermal Imaging

VertiSense(tm) Thermal Imaging Amplifier

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