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Recent Publications

Meirzadeh, Elena, Austin M. Evans, Mehdi Rezaee, Milena Milich, Connor J. Dionne, Thomas P. Darlington, Si Tong Bao et al. "A few-layer covalent network of fullerenes." Nature 613, no. 7942 (2023): 71-76.

Kulyk, B., K. Waszkowska, A. Busseau, C. Villegas, P. Hudhomme, S. Dabos-Seignon, A. Zawadzka, S. Legoupy, and B. J. A. S. S. Sahraoui. "Penta (zinc porphyrin)[60] fullerenes: Strong reverse saturable absorption for optical limiting applications." Applied Surface Science 533 (2020): 147468. 

Jacobeen, Shane, Jennifer T. Pentz, Elyes C. Graba, Colin G. Brandys, William C. Ratcliff, and Peter J. Yunker. "Cellular packing, mechanical stress and the evolution of multicellularity." Nature physics 14, no. 3 (2018): 286-290.

Greving, Imke, Minzhen Cai, Fritz Vollrath, and Hannes C. Schniepp. "Shear-induced self-assembly of native silk proteins into fibrils studied by atomic force microscopy." Biomacromolecules 13, no. 3 (2012): 676-682.

Shen, Xiaonan, Haomin Wang, and Ting Yu. "How do the electron beam writing and metal deposition affect the properties of graphene during device fabrication?." Nanoscale 5, no. 8 (2013): 3352-3358.

Liu, Jun, Mengmeng Miao, Keren Jiang, Faheem Khan, Ankur Goswami, Ryan McGee, Zhi Li et al. "Sustained electron tunneling at unbiased metal-insulator-semiconductor triboelectric contacts." Nano energy 48 (2018): 320-326.