Some AFM systems require AFM probes that have been pre-mounted on special probe holders.  AppNano can supply pre-mounted probes for most major AFM systems for a small fee.  The type of system must be specified at the timeof ordering.  AppNano has the technology and fixtures to correctly mount any of our AFM probes for systems manufactured by :

Custom Probe Mounting

A: Ambios Technology, Quesant
B: Park Systems
C: Pacific Nanotechnology (PNI), NanoInk
D: Selected models from Bruker (including TopoMetrix, PSIA and TM Microscope)

If you have a different brand of AFM other than listed above, contact us for information on probe mounting.
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AppNano develops, manufactures, and supplies various nanostructures including both conventional and specialized SPM probes for most applications. We leverage our extensive experience in nanofabrication technology and.... Read More

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