• AppNano micro-fabricates thin membranes made of Silicon, Silicon Oxide, and Silicon Nitride
  • Membranes can be coated with optional materials for functionalization
  • Further customization is possible on the chip size, window size, thickness of the membrane
Membranes- Si/SiO/SiN
Membranes- Top view
Membranes- Side view
Silicon Window (SIWD)
  • SIWD are useful for electrical conductance studies
  • Membranes can easily be functionalized to hydrophobic or hydrophilic surface to suit different applications
Nitride Window (NIWD)
  • NIWD membranes are made with low stress silicon nitride
  • Membranes can be coated with optional materials to suit specific needs
Oxide Window (OXWD)
  • OXWD membranes are electrically insulating with a hydrophilic surface
  • These membranes can be coated with optional materials according to customer request
Thickness (µm) 0.5 0.5 0.2 0.2
Membrane size (µm) 200x200 20x20 200x200 20x20
Window size (µm) 600x600 450x450 600x600 450x450
Chip parameters Nominal
Thickness (µm) 300±10
Dimension (µm) 6000±50
Optional Coating Contact us

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2 Choose membrane size.



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