AppNano offers:

  • Step Height Standard (SHS)
  • Electric Force Microscopy (EFM) Test Sample
  • VertiSense™ Thermal Test Sample
  • VertiSense™ Thermal Calibration Module
  • Force Calibration Levers (FCL) to determine spring constant


Our multipurpose Nanuler Calibration Standard is designed for calibration of AFM, SEM, Optical and Mechanical Profilers. Features include step heights, lines, grids, magnification box and spot measurement structures of different pitch. The features are etched into SiO₂ and Si and are optionally available with metal coating for improved reflectivity and reduced static charge.

Step height standard features
SiO₂ step options (nm) 100/200/500/1000
Si step options (µm) 5/10/25
Metal coating Cr coating (optional)
Die size (mm) 8.0x8.2x0.5
Traceability NIST (optional)
Mounting options Quartz/Metal disc
Packaging options Available
Step Height Standards (SHS)

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  • EFM test sample is designed to use as a reference to study the surface electric properties using AFM
  • Sample contains two micro comb shaped structures connected with thin metal pads (30 nm Cr)
  • Thin pads extended to thick metal pads for wire bonding for applying external bias/grounding
Structure Two 30 nm Cr metal micro comb shaped electrodes on Si/SiO₂ or Quartz substrate
Metal comb area 0.5x1 mm, pitch 6 μm (Cr 3 μm + space 3 μm)
Bonding pads Thick metal pad (for wire bonding)
Die size 6x6 mm
Mounting (options) Chip is mounted on a small printed circuit board (PCB) which connects bias cables. The PCB is mounted on 15mm metal disk.
EFM Test Sample

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VertiSense™ Scanning Thermal Microscopy (SThM) Test Sample

  • A micro heater fabricated on a silicon chip to qualify VertiSense™ thermal module functionality
  • It comes with a battery pack to supply power to the heater
  • Micro heater size is about 5 µmx10 µm
  • The features are etched into SiO₂ and Si
  • Hot spot of the micro heater is capable of reaching up to 80 °C
SThM Test Sample


  • Used to calibrate VertiSense™ Thermal Probes to accurately measure temperatures
  • Can also be used to heat the samples for AFM studies
  • Consists of a micro heater integrated with K-type thermocouple
  • PID controller maintains the heater temperature with feedback from the thermocouple
  • VertiSense™ App guides the thermal calibration procedure on the controller
Heater Assembly
Size Ø 20 mm, 12 mm tall
Material Ceramic
Max. Temp Up to 200 °C
Thermocouple K-type
Input voltage 110 V-220 V
Current 2.5 A
SThM Thermal Probe Calibration Module


  • We provide a five cantilever chip for calibrating the spring constant of AFM probes
  • They are available in with or without gold coating
Spring constant calibration levers


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