• VertiSense SThM is a plug-in module that is compatible with most commercial AFMs
  • It includes:
    • Thermal Probe
    • Interface Box (Pre-Amplifier)
    • SThM Imaging Amplifier
    • Wireless Controller (Android Tablet) with VertiSenseApp
  • Interfaced to an AFM system through signal access module (breakout box)
VertiSense SThM- AFM Interface
  • Innovative probe design
    • Hollow silicon tip integrated with the thermocouple sensor (50 nm) at the apex of the tip
    • Thermocouple isolation limits heat loss from the sample during measurement & achieves temperature sensitivity down to 0.01 °C
    • Allows imaging by temperature mapping mode (TMM) or conductivity mapping mode (CMM) by adjusting the position of AFM laser (panel F) on cantilever
    • Choice of sensor & cantilever materials allows temp. measurements up to 700 °C without significant bending of cantilever
    • Enables Contact/Tapping™/Peak Force Tapping™ modes
    • Probes are pre-mounted on adapters specific to AFM systems
  • Interface box (Pre-amp)- Signal conditioning
  • SThM Imaging Amplifier- Ultra-low noise, high speed amplifier for accurate and precise measurements
  • Wireless Controller- Android tablet with VertiSense App to control the amplifier and display Real Time temperature

VertiSense SThM images
SThM Imaging Amplifier Specifications
Input range ± 10 mV
Output range (V) ± 10 V
Signal Gain 100/1000/10000x
Noise <1 nV @ 1 kHz bandwidth
Common Mode Rejection High (>115 dB)
Display Real Time tip temperature
Adjustable Thermocouple calibration range
VertiSense Imaging Amplifier with Controller
Download SThM Module info:

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