Breakthrough in SThM was achieved through innovative probe design
  • Silicon cantilever with hollow SiO₂ tip integrated with 50 nm thermocouple at the apex of the tip
  • Thermal isolation of the sensor allows accurate measurement of sample temperatures- 0.01 °C sensitivity
  • Choice of materials and probe design allow measuring high temperatures- up to 700 °C
  • Two types of VTP probes:
    • VTP-200 for Tapping™/Peak Force Tapping™/Contact
    • VTP-500 for Contact mode
  • Design also allows imaging in temperature mapping mode (TMM) or conductivity mapping mode (CMM) by changing the position of AFM laser on the cantilever
  • Probes are pre-mounted on adapter boards specific to AFM systems
Parameter Nominal value
VTP-200 VTP-500
k (N/m) 9.9 0.63
f (kHz) 107 17
Length (µm) 200 500
Width (µm) 50 50
Thickness (µm) 3.5 3.5
Height (µm) 16 16
SThM Thermal Probe- VTP
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